You can have what you want even if you don’t believe it now.

Whether it’s…
Getting your dream job.
Asking someone out on a date.
Building a profitable business.
Having successful relationships.
Leaving your job.
Overcoming fears.
Telling your parents that you are dropping out of uni.

Believe me.
I wasn’t always so sure myself.

Hi, I’m Maria Karefilakis.

Not too long ago, I was paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decisions. I often cried myself to sleep because I couldn’t move forward in life.

I avoided stepping out of my comfort zone. Haunted by my internal voice telling me I wasn’t good enough. I relied heavily on trusted family members, was terrified of escalators and being home alone. All the while hanging on to relationships that didn’t serve me.

Over time I realised.

Over time I realised.

The magazine headlines and gurus with “1 Quick trick” or “60 second cures” are the problem. We have been prayed on because we are busy. And the “Experts” know we want something easy and fast.

The truth is…

…that there is no quick fix. Now that doesn’t mean that it takes years of therapy or personal development to get what you want either. I have learned something through my years as a psychologist seeing patients who were successful, struggling, young, old, rich or poor. We all have the fear of making the wrong decision or that we can’t do something.
The difference between success and failure is…
…the habits we have. People who are successful have learned a habit that allows them to move forward despite their negative thoughts. The people who feel they are unsuccessful have a habit of believing their negative thoughts and not moving forward.

When I realised I could change my habits, my life began to change.

Now years later, I run two successful businesses, I am a practicing psychologist and a published author. I am taking on every opportunity and challenges.

Here on the site, you will find resources on how to build the confidence you need to make your own dreams come true whether it’s…

Meeting that special someone, getting your dream job or quitting a job you hate…
You no longer have to try to figure this out on your own or fruitlessly search for the “one secret” that doesn’t exist.
I am passionate about helping people find the right resources because my life has changed so much because of them.
You no longer have to go it alone.
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